full name: hope antonella simmons.
dob & age: 6th of june, 2000; 18 years old.
place of birth: Boston, Masshachusetts.
residing: San Francisco, California.
education: Student at University of San Francisco.
occupation: Student & Etsy Owner.
status: Single but not available.
pet/s: A pair of female Chinchillas named, Mishka & Samoa.
comicverse: Hope Summers.

06/06/00; 0600: A CHILD WAS BORN. Reports came in that an unidentified woman, possibly homeless, was struck by a drunk driver while crossing Hanover Street in the North End of Boston. Due to the critical nature of her wounds, Jane Doe was airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival at exactly 0550. Autopsy reports claim that the severity of her wounds were not the cause of death after all, nor was it from the broken neck that she suffered, which would have rendered her a quadriplegic if she had survived. Jane Doe’s death was due to the cause of an obstetrical hemorrhage typically seen in childbirth, in which internal bleeding during pregnancy or labor happens. The first responders of the accident are under investigation by the state due to negligence which, in turn, failed to provide adequate medical care that resulted in Jane Doe’s death. In the end, there were no records of a child ever being born on the morning of June 6th; none that anyone important can pinpoint, anyway.

They called her The Doomsday Child.